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Carotenoid Screenings

“Would you like to scan your hand?” It’s an engaging question. Within a few seconds, a small lab instrument uses Raman spectroscopy to scan the palm of the hand, measuring the skin carotenoid score. The skin carotenoid score is a non-invasive biomarker that can indicate the amount of fruits and vegetables consumed. (If you’d like to learn more details about the science behind this, contact Cheri Granillo) Scanning hands has been a fun, effective outreach tool for the Phytomedicine program. Not only does it illicit some friendly competition to see who has the highest score (indicating the most fruits and vegetables consumed), it leads to a discussion about foods containing carotenoids, the importance of eating carotenoids with a healthy fat since carotenoids are fat-soluble, and how carotenoids support human health. 

Checkout the Carotenoid Card for all the details and look for opportunities to get YOUR hand scanned.