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E-news Launch!

The first issue of FRESH Rx, the PhytoMedicine e-newsletter hit inboxes April 27. The e-news will be a place to learn what is new in the world of nutrition in health and how that pertains to healthcare providers and the general patient population. Extension associate, Cheri Granillo, is the content developer and curator of the newsletter. If you haven’t met Cheri yet, allow us to introduce you:

I’m Cheri Granillo, a Nurse Practitioner working at NC State University’s Plants for Human Health Institute (PHHI). The faculty researchers at PHHI focus on how plants can positively affect the health of human systems. My role in NC State Extension is to bring that information to you. The language and recommendations in the world of nutrition seem to be ever-changing and the new research is exciting! I hope to show you that it can be easy to share important, life-changing nutrition recommendations from experts with your patients and community partners. 

Before joining PHHI, I spent the first 14 years of my career in full-time patient care in New Mexico. I still work one day each week as a provider, figuratively and literally keeping my finger on the pulse of challenges in today’s healthcare environment. My role in Extension helps me assess, develop and share solutions to some of those challenges. One such effort is PhytoRx, a produce prescription program that we are developing and currently trialing in Iredell County. This program helps to translate the science of nutrition research into shareable/teachable information for patients. It is a way to “prescribe” plants in a specific way to help patients learn which fruits and vegetables may be more suited to their diagnoses and help connect patients with accessible produce.

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